No.AIRF/DC/JCM/27/2006                                                                                       Dated: October 9, 2013

The Addl. Member(Staff),

Railway Board,

New Delhi

Dear Sir,

            Sub: Absorption of the staff working in the quasi-administrative offices in the Railways –

                    DC/JCM Item No.27/2006 

The aforementioned issued had been raised by the All India Railwaymen’s Federation since 2006 at the apex level as also in various Negotiating Fora, but unfortunately no final outcome has arrived so far, as a result of which, the said staff, who are working since more than 10-15 years, is getting demoralized on account of their suffering, and the inordinate delay in their regularization will definitely take away their various post-retirement benefits, such as Complimentary Passes  and RELHS etc. because they will definitely not complete 20 years qualifying service at the time of their retirement, which is an essential impediment for getting these benefits.

It is worth-mentioning here that, during recently held meeting(on 23rd August, 2013) with the Railway Board(CRB, MS and FC), it was agreed to have a separate discussion with the Staff Side(Federations).

In view of the above, the Board are requested to convene a meeting at an earliest, so that this issue could be resolved amicably.

An early action in the matter shall be highly appreciated.

GS Sign