NORTHERN RAILWAYMENS UNION (NRMU) is committed to providing a safe environment for all its members free from discrimination on any ground from the harassment including sexual harassment. NRMU/AIRF will operate a zero tolerance policy from any form of sexual harassment in the workplace/ within union/or any other place. Any person found to have sexually harrrased another will face disciplinary action, up to the dismissal of the primary membership in the union.


To uplift the women status in the organization as well in the society NRMU committed and turned into the act by making constitutional amendment for mandatory provision of one women office bearer in each structure of union from branch level to apex level. Hence, with the increase number of women participation it is collective responsibility of NRMU to provide them safe, secure and dignified environment.


Sexual Harassment is unwelcome conduct (sexual) which makes a person feel offended, humiliated or/ intimidated. It includes situation where a person is asked /forced to engage in any activity (sexual) as a condition of that person’s benefit, as well as situations which create an environment which is hostile intimidating or humiliating for the recipient.

Sexual Harassment may be physical, verbal and non-verbal

Physical Conduct Verbal Conduct Non- Verbal Conduct
Physical Contact and advances – including patting, pinching, stroking, kissing, hugging, fondling, inappropriate touching. Comment on appearance, age, private life, and situation. Display of Sexually explicit or suggestive material-showing of pornography, pictures and gestures.


Physical violence, including sexual assault Sexual Comments stories, jokes and messages. Sexually colored remarks.


The use of any threat or reward to solicit sexual favour Repeated and unwanted social invitations for dates or physical intimacy Whistling, starring and leering,
Insults based on the sex of the worker-Ignorance, barrack, etc.
 Condescending or paternalistic remarks

Sexual Harassment’ includes any one or more incidents and action constituting harassment.

NRMU/AIRF recognizes that Sexual Harassment is a manifestation of power relationship and often occurs within unequal relationship in the workplace, union.

Anyone including designated post holder in union/union member/ Co-workers/employees/ employer/Customer/Casual worker/Contractor/Visitor and social activist who sexually harassed another will be reprimanded in accordance with internal policy.

All sexual harassment is prohibited weather it takes place within workplace/union premises or outside, including at events/meetings/workshop/dharna/conferences/trainings sessions/union trips or welfare activities.


  • Facilitate discussion b/w both parties to achieve an informal resolution which is acceptable to the complainant, or refer the matter to a designated mediator within the company to resolve the matter.
  • Ensure that confidentiality should be kept.
  • Follow up after the outcome of the complaints mechanism to ensure that the behavior has stopped (should not repeated).
  • Ensure full assistance, no discrimination, positive attitude, acceptance, support and develop faith in
  • Ensure that the above is done speedily on priority basis and within 30 days of the complaint being made.


  1. FORMAL COMPLAINT MECHANISM:- Ensure all assistance to pursue the case in Zonal Railway internal complaint committee {service rule with the sexual harassment of women at workplace ( prevention, prohibition and redressal) act 2013. RBE 114/2015 dated 23.09.2015.
  2. INFORMAL COMPLAINT MECHANISM:- If the target wishes to deal the matter informally, the designated person will:
  • Give opportunity to the alleged harasser to respond to the complaint.
  • Ensure that the alleged harasser understands the complaints mechanism


  1. INTERNAL INFORMAL COMMITTEE:Secretary or President and women Chairperson or Convener will member of informal committee at the level. In case of any dispute General Secretary’s decision will be final.
  2. EXTRANAL FORMAL COMMITTEE:- Unresolved and long pending cases in which either of party wish to deal the case with external formal committee those cases will send to external ( for NRMU) Zonal Railway internal complaint committee  {service rule with the sexual harassment of women at workplace ( prevention, prohibition and redressal) act 2013. RBE 114/2015 dated 23.09.2015}.


NRMU will ensure that this policy is widely disseminated to all members. It will include in the NRMU Policy document. All members must be trained on the contentment of this policy.

Content of SHP will require being mandatory part of education/ awareness/welfare or any other classes/seminar/workshops.

It is responsibility of Secretary to ensure that all his/her members are aware of this policy.


NRMU recognizes the importance of monitoring this sexual harassment Policy and will ensure that it anonymously collects statistics and data as to how it is used and whether or not it is effective.

Half yearly report of cases dealt with detail may be submitted to central office, along with success story or reason of unresolved. If No case report of Nil case also be submitted. Report will be jointly singed by secretary and chairperson of the level.