Category: E(NG)-I Circulars

Increasing promotion quota percentage for Technician-ill posts in Diesel/Electric Loco/EMU Sheds in Indian Railways – Corrigendum

RBE NO. 184/2019 GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF RAllWAYS (RAILWAY BOARD) E(NG)I/2014/PM 7/1                                                                    New Delhi, dated October 30th, 2019 The General Manager All Zonal...

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Revised classification and mode of filling up of non-gazetted posts – Scheme for filling up of vacancies after 31.12.2016- Clarification Reg – RBE 141/2019

RBE No. 141/2019 GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS (RAILWAY BOARD) No.E(NG)l/2008/PM1/15Vol.III New Delhi, dated August 28, 2019 The General Managers, All Zonal Railways & Production Units etc. (as per standard...

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