Amendments in the norms of minimum qualifications for recruitment/promotion of teachers in Indian Railways


RBE No. 127- 2013

No. E(P&A)I-2012/PS-5/PE-3 New Delhi,                                                                                                                   Dated: 09 .12..2013
The General Manager,
All Indian Railways,
Including C.L.W, D.L.W, I.C.F &
Director General/R.D.S.O.
Sub: Amendments in the norms of minimum qualifications for recruitment/promotion of teachers for classes I to VIII in Railway Schools (Primary and Trained Graduate Teachers).
Ref: Para No. 178 of IREM, Vol-I (Revised Edition 1989)


The minimum qualifications for recruitmen/promotion of Primary School Teachers, Trained Graduate Teachers and Post Graduate Teachers working in Railway Schools have been laid down in Board’s letter No. E(P&A)I-87/PS-5/PE-9 dated 04.10.1989, which are in line with those laid down by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan and Delhi Administration for these categories of teachers.
2. National Teachers Education Council (NTEC) vide the Gazette Notification dated 23.08.2010, which was further amended vide its Gazette Notification dated 29.07.2011 has laid down the minimum qualifications for recruitment/promotion of teachers for classes I to VIII under the Right of Children to free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009.
3. The issue of updating the existing qualifications at par with those laid down by NCTE for recruitmenUpromotion of teachers for classes I to VIII has been examined by Ministry of Railways. It has been decided that the qualifications as indicated in the Annexure to this letter will be applicable for recruitmenUpromotion of Primary School Teachers and Trained Graduate Teachers working in railway schools including Oak Grove School, Jharipani. These revised norms of minimum qualifications will be applicable for future promotion/recruitment of Railway’s Primary School Teachers and Trained Graduate Teachers only. The qualifications prescribed are the same for both direct recruitment as well as promotion. As per the existing instructions, preference may be given, in case of direct recruitment to candidates possessing qualifications higher than those prescribed for the post.
4. There is no change in the existing minimum qualification for PGT as laid down in Board’s letter No. E(P&A)I-87/PS-5/PE-9 dated 04.10.1989.
5. The above orders will take effect from the date of issue of this letter. Any selections already initiated would be conducted and finalized based on the notifications already issued.
6. The receipt of this letter may kindly be acknowledged.
DA: As above

(K. Shankar)
Director Estt.(P&A),
Railway Board

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