Why Indian Railwaymen are heading towards strike?

Dear Comrades,

The 90th Annual Convention of All India Railwaymen’s Federation, that was organized by South Western Railway Mazdoor Union at Hubli (Karnataka) has been historic because of its decent arrangement is to be super historic due to the unanimous decision of “Indefinite Strike” in the said National Convention. This historic convention held at Hubli from 18-19 November, 2014 does all the heights presence welcome, rally, meals and with great zeal etc. At the same time the meaningful and point to point debate on the report of the General Secretary and the Resolution placed in this convention paved the way to intensify the struggle with the clarion call of “Indefinite Strike”.

The proven Capitalistic image of present Government was well known to all of us but nobody could predict that there would be so rapid attack on the interest of Labour. In the present situation owing to amendment in Labour Laws in the interest of capitalist, dis-investment of public sector undertaking, Non implementation of Old Pension Scheme replacing New Pension Scheme, non merger of Dearness Allowance in pay, denial of Interim Relief, Permitting 100% and 49% FDI respectively in Railways, Defence, Production and Insurance sectors, the Labour movement is left with no alternative than to “EITHER DO OR DIE”. The High Power Committee constituted for Restructuring of Railway under the Chairmanship of Dr. Bibek Debroy has been formed with the intension of Privatization of Indian Railways. Under this circumstance let us awake before it is too late and struggle is only alternative for survival of social security & dignity of labour. To implement the Resolution of 90th Annual Convention of AIRF, we have to forge broad-based unity for ground preparation of “Indefinite Strike” that will prove to be a historical landmark.

Let us make it a grand success.

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)