RBE No. 29/2015

No. E (NG)-II12009/RR-1/II.                     New Delhi, dated: 26/03/2015
The General Manager (P),
All Zonal Railways/Production Units
(As per standard mailing list)
Sub:- Acceptance of certificates/qualifications awarded by various Boards of School Education in India for the purpose of employment on the railways.
Ref: Letter No. E(NG)II12007/RR-1I38 dated 15/7/2014 (RBE No. 75/2014).
In addition to instructions contained in letter under reference, it has been decided by the Board that the certificates/qualifications obtained from institutions figuring in the list of Associate Members on official website of Council of Board for School Education in India (COBSE) i.e. may also be treated at par with those borne on list of Member Board and certificates/qualification obtained from all such institutions will be acceptable for the purpose of employment on the railways, from the date on which the said institution has been accorded membership by COBSE. This date of acceptability of certificate may be obtained by approaching COBSE directly and a copy of clarification thus obtained may also be endorsed to this Ministry for information & record.
Cases decided in the past need not be re-opened.

Director Estt. (N)-II
Railway Board

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