Appendix-3 (IREM) Examination – Clarification of Exemption RBE 18/2015

RBA No. 18/2015

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

No. A(E)/A3/2015/111 New Delhi, dated:03.03.2015

General managers/ F A&CAOs
All Indian Railways & Production Units.
Sub.: Appendix-3(1REM) Examination- Clarification on Exemption.
Attention is invited to Board’s letter no. A(E)/A3/201411/1 dated 11.11.2014 (RBA No. 36/2014) wherein change in pattern from the part-wise pattern to a single examination was notified.
2. In this regard, it has been decided that:-
(i) Since the Appendix 3(IREM) Examinations are to be held in a combined single examination, the exemption i.e. Pass Exemption granted through Board’s letter no A(E)/A3/2K/9 dated 06.11.2006 (RBA No. 58/2006) shall no longer be applicable after Appendix-3(IREM) Examination, 2015.
(ii) A candidate who had obtained exemption in 2010 and 2012 from appearing Part-I of above mentioned exam as per Board’s letter no. A(E)/ A3/2K/9 dated 06.11.2006 (RBA No. 58/2006) shall be granted ”One-time Exemption’ from appearing the compulsory papers (ABK & GRP) of Appendix-3(IREM) Examination 2015.
Absence from the examination shall however be counted as a chance/ attempt for this purpose. Further, this exemption shall not be available in future examinations.
(iii) In future examinations, only merit exemptions ( 60% or more) shall be applicable as per extant practice.
3. Advance correction slip to Appendix-3 (IREM) Examination regarding the above will follow.
Kindly acknowledge receipt.

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