No.AIRF/24(C) Dated: May 8, 2015

The General Secretaries,
All Affiliated Zonal Unions,

Dear Comrades,

Sub: Brief of the meetings held today between Railway Board and the Federation(AIRF)

1. In the meeting of the Fast Track Committee(constituted to resolve those issues which could not be deliberated in the meeting held by the Board with the Federations on 07.02.2014 in a time bound manner), held today with the ED(IR), Railway Board, AIRF had shown its anguish against still pace and indecisive attitude of the Railway Board, even where there is agreement, decisions have not been implemented.

The federation demanded Full Board Meeting to discuss all these issues threadbare.

2. In the meeting of the Fast Track Committee on Running Staff, it has been decided that the Convener of the Committee would write a letter to the Chairman, CBDT, requesting for a meeting on the issue of Income Tax Deduction Ceiling of Running Allowance.

– For improvement in ALK, a formula will be prepared and given to the federations for their consideration.

– As far as reduction in duty hours of the Running Staff is concerned, report of the High Level Committee(constituted under the chairmanship of Dr. D.P. Tripathi to review duty hours of Running and other safety categories staff) is under active consideration of the Railway Board.

– On the issue of provision of Additional Allowance, it was agreed that Railway Board should approach to Hon’ble Finance Minister for accepting unanimous recommendation on the issue of Additional Allowance to Running Staff working on goods trains as also Traffic Running Staff working as Goods Guard and Passenger Guard.

– It was also agreed that, Running Staff who are seeking retirement, on being declared as medically de-categorized, they will be paid 55% if they seek retirement within a legitimate time limit, say around one month.

– Rest issues will be discussed in the next round of the discussion on 24th June, 2015.

3. In another meeting, held with the EDF(E), Railay Board on AIRF’s PNM Item No.05/2009 – Payment of DA to Staff Car Drivers, it was decided by the Railway Board to review the matter further.

This is for your information.