RBE No.6 9/2015

No. PC-III/2013/CRC/2                                     New Delhi,                                                                     dated 29.06-2015
The General Manager,
Metro Railway

Sub. : Restructuring of cadre of Traffic Assistants.

Keeping in view the fact that the cadre of Traffic Assistants in Metro Railway, Kolkata is a unique cadre performing both Operational and Commercial duties, the percentage distribution of posts for restructuring of this cadre as prpposed by Metro Railway administration was under consideration of the Ministry of Railways for some time. As a result of the ‘review undertaken on the hasis of functional, operational and administrative requirements, it has been decided with the approval of the President that benefit of cadre restructuring may be given to the Traffic Assistant, Metro Railway, Kolkata as per the percentage distribution of posts indicated in the enclosed Annexure ‘A’. While implementing these orders, the following detailed instructions should be strictly adhered to :
Date of effect  1. . The restructuring of the cadre will be with reference to the sanctioned cadre strength as on the date of issue of these orders. The staff who will be placed in higher grade pay as a result of implementation of these orders will draw pay in higher grades w.e.f date of issue of these orders. The benefit of restructuring · will be restricted to the persons who are working in the cadre on the cut-off-date i.e. date of issue of these orders.

Applicability to various cadres 2. These orders will be applicable to the permanent regular posts of Traffic Assistants cadre (excluding surplus & supernumerary posts) of the Metro Railway establishment. Only those temporary posts which are in operation for atleast three years may also be taken into account for the purpose of applying revised percentage. This will be subject to certification that these posts are meant for regular activities which will continue and not for any sporadic requirements.
2.1 These orders will not be applicable to ex-cadre & workcharged posts which will continue to be based on worth of
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