Northern Railway
PS No. 14519/A
No. 433-E/14-Pt-XI/EIV

All DRMs & Heads of ED Us,
Northern Railway,
(As per mailing list)
Headquarters Office,
Baroda House,
New Delhi
Dt: .04.2016
Sub: Reckoning of 30% pay element for the purpose of payment of leave salary to running staff.
Ref: 1. Railway Board’s instructions issued under RBE No. 10/2015 & RBE No. 161/2008(PC-VI/40) duly circulated to all concerned under PS Nos. 14325/2015 & 13500/40 respectively.
2. Agenda Item No. 9/15 of GM/PNMIURMU- regarding anomaly in retirement benefit to the running staff due to wrong calculation.
The contents of PS No. 14519 issued vide this office letter of even number dated 14.03.2016 are revised as under:
Attention is invited towards instructions on calculation of leave salary to running staff contained in the aforementioned letters of Railway );Board.
However, it has been pointed out by the Union that these instructions are not being adhered to. In order to avoid any anomaly being faced by the Divisions/Units & also for uniform compliance over Northern Railway, the calculation of leave salary in case of running staff is illustrated as under: