No.NC/JCM/2016                                                                                       Dated: June 3, 2016

All the Constituent Organisations of

National Council(JCM)(Staff Side)

Dear Comrades!

Sub: Brief of the meeting held today with the Secretary(Pension), Government of India


A meeting of the National Council(JCM) Staff Side was held today with the Secretary(Pension), Government of India and other officials on problems arising out of implementation of Pensioners Part of the report of the VII CPC.

The Official Side told about non-availability of record. Though the Staff Side insisted that report should be accepted as it is, but at the same time it was told to Official Side that, any proposition or module which can be implemented without availability of record can also be considered by the Staff Side, provided there should not be any loss to pensioners which has been proposed by the VII CPC in their Option 1.

It was agreed by the Secretary(Pension) that, they would formulate an alternative and will discuss the matter with the Staff Side, NC/JCM.

This is for your information.

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