Sub:- Punishment norms in cases of SPAD

As per the norms of punishment issued vide Board’s letter No. 99/Safety (A&R)/6/1 dated 23.04.1999, in cases of train passing signal at danger (SPAD), the prescribed punishment is “Removal or Compulsory Retirement where entirely due to negligence of loco pilot, or reduction to a lower grade if there are contributory factors like loss of brake power on the run which he could not have detected when he took charge of the engine”.

While considering a recommendation of the High Power Committee to review the minimum punishment in SPAD cases, the Board have decided that ” Prescribed punishment needs to be imposed on established cases of SPAD upon conclusion of accidents enquiry proceedings. However, at the appeal stage, contributory factors and past records of Loco Pilot may be taken into account and punishment reviewed.
In exceptional cases, running duty may also be restored to such loco pilots after re-training and fresh psycho-test.”

The above instructions may be circulated to all the concerned officers of all the divisions of your railways for information and necessary action.