Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

No.E(LL)/2016/H PC/7 .New Delhi, dt.23.11.2016
General Manager(P),
All Zonal Railways,
Metro Railway, Kolkata
Sub: Recommendations of High Power Committee to review the Duty Hours of Running Staff Decisions thereof.
Ref: (1) Board’s le.tter of even number dated 13.10.2016
(2) Board’s letter No.{LL)2009/HER/1 dt.26.2.2010
(3) Board’s letter No.E(LL)/97 /HER/11 dt.30.9.1998

During the PNM/ AIRF meeting held on 22nd & 23rd November, 2016, the Federation (AIRF) raised a demand that a clarification is required to be issued on item no.(v) of Board’s letter of even number dated 13.10.2016 regarding limit of stay away from Headquarters in respect of Running Staff.

2. Therefore, as already conveyed vide Board’s letter No.(LL)/2009/H ER/1 dated 26.02.2010, it is reiterated that although the maximum limit of stay away from. Headquarters has been prescribed as 72 hours, Board desires that
all cases of absence/stay away from Headquarters of more than 36 hours should be monitored closely at the Divisional level and also periodically at Zonal” level with a view to restrict such absence/stay within reasonable limits, as was agreed in PNM/AIRF meeting held in October, 2009.

(D.V. Rao)
Director/Estt. (LL)
Railway Board

Copy to: 1. The General Secretary, AIRF, R.No.253, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi
2.The General Secretary, NFIR, R.No.256E, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi