No.AIRF/MACPS Dated: January 9, 2017
The Secretary(E), Railway Board, New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Sub: Granting benefit of financial upgradation under MACPS to Serving Graduate Sr. Clerks appointed against 13-1/3% LDCE Quota

The posts of Sr. Clerks against 13-1/3% LDCE Quota, from amongst Graduate Clerk-Cum-Typists, are filled-up by conducting LDCE Selection through RRBs in terms of Railway Board’s letter No.PC-V/2011/M/4/NFIR dated 25.08.2015 considering it as a promotion.
It is pertinent to mention here that, Clerk-Cum-Typists who are in possession of Graduate Degree do satisfy the pre-requisite academic qualification prescribed for Direct Recruitment to the posts of Sr. Clerk from open market. In this connection attention of the Railway Board is invited towards their letter No.PC-III/81/UDG/7 dated 18.06.1981, vide which mode of filling-up posts of Sr. Clerk was notified, laying down therein that, 33-1/3% posts identified as Direct Recruitment Quota posts, which were further divided as under:-
(i) 20% by Direct Recruitment of Graduates from open market, (ii) 13-1/3% by Serving Graduate Clerks by selection through RRB, and (iii) 66-2/3% by promotion from Clerks by seniority-cum-suitability
Recruitment for the posts of Sr. Clerks against 13-1/3% Serving Graduate Quota has been done by the RRBs by calling applications from the Serving Graduate Clerks and observing all the formalities as prescribed for open market candidates. Their allotment and recruitment memorandum also indicates them as “Direct Recruitment”. Unfortunately appointment against 33-1/3% LDCE Quota of Serving Graduate Clerks is being treated as a promotion, by virtue of which they are being denied financial upgradation under MACPS, not treating them as appointed against Direct Recruitment Quota, as such this is in contradiction to what was laid in Railway Board’s letter dated 18.06.1981 supra.
Promotion of Sr. Clerks against Serving Graduate Quota may be considered under Para (i) of RBE No.100/2012 instead of Para (ii), so that they may get benefit of MACPS at par with Direct Recruitment Quota candidates.
The Board are, therefore, requested to issue necessary clarification to all the railway administrations to extend benefit of financial upgradation under MACPS, treating the appointment as Sr. Clerks against 13-1/3% LDCE Quota of Serving Graduate Clerk as “Direct Recruitment” to the said post and not a promotion.
An early action in the matter shall be highly appreciated.

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Railway Board's reply on AIRF's ref. reg. MACPS benefit to serving graduates appointed against LDCE Quota