The General Secretaries,
All Affiliated Unions,

Dear Comrades

Sub: (i)Restoration of -1S pay scale

(ii) Treatment of Mutual Transfer from one railway to other as “inter- division transfer”

(iii) Brief of today’s meeting with Cabinet Secretary

Two very important issues, being persuaded by AIRF at the Railway Board level, have been resolved, one is -1S grade, which had been abolished by the VII CPC, has been restored, and the other issue regarding mutual transfer from one railway to other will be treated as inter-division transfer and need not to take NOC from the Zonal Railway Headquarters. Divisions at their own level will issue NOC, lot of time consumed for this purpose will be saved.

Comrades! Today I met the Cabinet Secretary(Government of India) and raised the issue of “Very Good” benchmark along with other issues of National Pension System(NPS), Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula and non-holding of JCM Meetings.

The Cabinet Secretary’s views were positive and he stated that he has already communicated to Chairman Railway Board and Secretary(DoP&T) that benchmark for MACPS cannot be more than the benchmark prevalent for promotion/ selection.

He also stated that the issue of National Pension System(NPS) is under active consideration of the Government of India and he will try to derive the best formula to resolve the problems arrived out of NPS.

With Fraternal Greetings!