Venue: Union Office Nizamuddin Railway Station
Date: 25.11.2017

An Awareness programme regarding Elimination of Violence Against Women ( White Ribbon Day ) was organised at Union Office Nizamuddin Railway Station on 25.11.17. About 100 peoples attended this programme of awareness and to support Nermin Al Sheriff (Libya).
The programme commences with a huge rally in support of Nermin Al Sheriff (Libya) was marched on station road with the slogans of women empowerment and justice for Nermin Al Sheriff. Com. Divya Sharma continues the programme with welcome of all Guests, Com. Anoop Sharma, Com. Jaya Agarwal, Com. Nishi Kapahi, Com Amarjeet, Com. Azad, Com. Pawan Kumari, Com. Sonia Hasija, Com Anita Rawat, Com. Poonam Dabas and
Com. Sunita Bhatia at Nizamuddin union office.
The opening speech about introduction of Nermin Al Sharif and importance of 25th November as White Ribbon Day was delivered by Com.Divya Sharma. She also appeals men to come forward and support women to raise their voice against violence. After this brief reporting and introduction Com. Amarjeet shares his valuable comments about position of women in Indian society and how they can come in front to raise their voice against violence. Com. Azad in his speech reminds us about bravery of ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ and appeals to every women to be like her. Com. Rajkumar discussed about different role and importance of women in our life as a Sister, Mother, Wife and Daughter and being a union leader he assured his support in this campaign. Com. Sonia Hasija discussed about news of different types of women harassment, but due to lack of knowledge about laws they made to suffer. Women has to unite and approach to women committee member when in need.
Com. Pawan Kumari shows her support to women grievances but also appeals to women about not misusing their power. Com. Anita Rawat also supported the women empowerment and thanks Mrs. Nishi Kapahi for making women aware about this campaign through AIRF/NRMU/ITF. Com. Poonam Dabas speaks about gender equality in offices and highlighted that 19% of world women are suffering from same issues, she tells about women advocacy programme which she attended. Com. Anoop Sharma starts his speech with slogan Ahimsa Parmo Dharma and discussed about position and respect of women in Indian culture. Not only because he is a leader in union but as a man he assured all women for security and support and tells about amendments in constitution of union about
reserve seats for women in each level. He also told about importance of working committee of women in upcoming union election in 2019. Com. Nishi Kapahi also shares her thoughts on white ribbon day. Violence against women exists in our world but most of the women never complaints about it, reason can be society or family pressure. It is also important for men to support and attend these programmes and spread this message to the world. She’s

happy that today we have more men than women in this programme. She told us about Nermin Al Sheriff and her struggle in facing for women empowerment and appeals every men to take a pledge of “na hinsa karenge, na hone denge, na chup rehkar hinsa sahenge”. Com. Sunita Bhatia praises the programme of anti violence day under the
banner of NRMU/AIRF. Positive thoughts are essential for a better society. The message of G.Sec. NRMU/AIRF Com. S. G. Mishra was conveyed by Com. Anoop Sharma that he regrets on not attending the programme and assured that he will always support and raise his voice to eliminate violence against women. Com. Jaya Aggarwal addresses with the remark that even if we understand and except 20% of what we have listen from our previous speakers it can make a difference in society. It’s not necessary to widespread this message in gatherings, if you start talking about this in your daily routine it will be helpful in changing the mindset of society. She also quoted ‘We don’t expect you to treat us (women) like goddess but please treat us like a normal human being’. She also assured Nermin Al Sheriff through this platform that ‘we are with you’. She appeals from all ladies to come forward to tell their problems, Laws are already there to support them. Unity is strength we  should all unite to overcome the issue of violence against women. She also told us in 2019 we, the women are going to play a very important role in election and we assure our leaders for the positive results.
The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Com. Divya Sharma to Com. Anoop Sharma for his valiant efforts, and all men and women whose auspicious presence makes this programme successful.

Zonal Women Convenor