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No.AIRF/55                                                                                                Dated: January 16, 2013 

The E.D.M.E.(Traction),

Railway Board,

New Delhi 

Dear Sir, 

Sub: Rest at Headquarters – Serving of call to the Running Staff 

As per agreement arrived with the organized labour, the rules for rest at Headquarters for the Running Staff stipulate that:-

(a)  For duty performed below 8 hours      –           12 hours rest at Headquarters


(b)  For duty performed 8 hours and above-          16 hours rest at Headquarters

Of late, some of the Railway Administrations have arbitrarily interpreted the above provision that the call book can be served two hours in advance before completion of rest at Headquarters. In this connection, it may be appreciated that as soon as call is served, the rest of the Running Staff concerned gets disturbed.

AIRF, therefore, urges that the call should be served on the Running Staff after completion of 12 hours Headquarters Rest for those staff who have performed less than 8 hours duty, and after completion of 16 hours Headquarters Rest for those who have performed 8 hours or up to 10 hours duty.

 In case of emergency, i.e. accident/floods etc., if duty hours from “signing on to signing off” exceeds 10 hours, then the rest at the Headquarters should be 20 hours, and in this case, the call should be served on completion of 20 hours Headquarters Rest.

This problem is specific in West Central Railway, where this practice is being followed on verbal instructions, causing serious resentment among the Running Staff.

Necessary clarification may, therefore, be issued to Zonal Railways in this regard at the earliest.

Stamp of General Secy.