E(NG)II/2014IRC-2/1List New Delhi, dated 14 .02.2014
The General Manager (P),
All Zonal Railways/PUs,
ChairmanlRRBs & RRCs.
Sub:- Reservation for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) for recruitment from open market – List of posts identified suitable for them- regarding.


Attention is invited to this Ministry’s letter No. E(NG)II/2009/RC-2/5 List, dated 27/08/2009, circulating therewith department-wise list of posts identified suitable for Persons with Disabilities in Group ‘C’ & erstwhile Group ‘D’ categories on the Railways. This list was based on the list of posts notified by Mlo Social Justice and Empowerment vide their notification No. l6-70/2004-DDIII dated 18/1/2007, 15/3/2007 and 22/312007. Department of Disability Affairs have informed this Ministry of a new list of posts published vide their Notification NoI6-15/2010-DDIII dated 29/712013, to give effect to reservation to the PWDs, wherein, total exemption have been granted to the Railways from reservation in certain posts and partial exemption in some others. This, however, does not mean that 3% vacancies in posts fully exempted will not have to be set aside for
reservation for PWDs. It only implies that instead of filling up this 3% in fully exempted categories, the same will have to be diverted mandatorily to other categories identified suitable for PWDs. Accordingly, it has been decided that 3% vacancies of fully exempted category posts reserved for PWDs may be shifted to identified posts in the same department. This will require careful planning in advance by the Railways so that the categories from which this 3% is proposed to be shifted and categories where this 3% will be placed are identified well before indents are placed, e.g., for 100 indents of JE(Mechanical) which is a fully exempted category, indent may be placed for only 97 posts and indents for 3 posts should be shifted to other posts of Mechanical departments which have been identified suitable for PWDs.
Based on the same, a consolidated lists of posts identified suitable for PWDs, is enclosed for information and compliance. This list is not exhaustive and Railway Administrations are free to identify more posts (not included in the enclosed list) locally so that more PWDs can be provided employment opportunities on the Railways. While conducting recruitment from open market, it is reiterated that the provisions of PWD Act,1995 and instructions of Department of Personnel & Training as circulated from time to time be scrupulously followed.
Please acknowledege receipt.

(Harsha Dass)
Director Estt. (N)II
Railway Board

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