D.O.No.AIRF/415 Dated: May 24, 2017
Resp. Suresh Prabhu Ji,
Reg: Shortage of material and manpower causing frequent derailment over Northern Railway
In the past few months it has been observed that many derailments have taken place. The main reason for derailment seems to be poor track maintenance because of shortage of staff as well as materials.
I am giving data only of one Division, i.e. Lucknow Division, and the similar situation is in the other divisions too. We hope, some concrete steps should be taken by filling-up vacancies of Safety Categories as also provision of materials, so that, proper maintenance can be carried out to avoid derailments and accidents over the Indian
In this connection, it is worth-mentioning here that, Lucknow Division has witnessed around half dozen derailments,
and critical analysis of such derailments reveal that most of the them occurred due to shortage of manpower, materials and delayed sanction/execution of due track renewals. Although, top Railway officials disown these causes and fix-up responsibility on the field staff to pour dust over the truth.
More than 2,000 vacancies in Group `C’ and `D’ Safety Category posts of various departments are lying unfilled for
the last two years. 706 vacancies in the category of Trackman alone, apart from 1,059 posts of Trackman, are waiting for sanction as per MCTNM formula prescribed by the Ministry of Railways for the last more than one year, which has badly affected Track Maintenance works. If we discuss of the pending Track Renewal works – around 211 kms. of Through Rail Renewal(TRR), 156 kms. Complete Track Renewal(Primary) and 87 kms.
CTR(Secondary) are also pending on Lucknow Division for the last 1-3 years. These Track Renewals are mainly due over LKO-CNB, JNH-ZED, FD Loop, AF Rail Sections.
I sincerely hope, you will kindly lay your hands on these discrepancies and necessary measures will be taken to avoid accidents on the Railways and will improve safety standard.