No.2017/H-1/2/13/  SplitMedicalIdentityCard

New Delhi, dated 09.02.2018

The General Managers, All Indian Railways/PUs
The Chief Administrative Officers/DMW/Patiala/RWP/Bela/Patna
The Director General/RDSO

Sub: Split Medical Identity Card to serving Railway employees.

Ref: Railway Board’s letter No. 2004/H/28/1/RELHS/Card dated 22.03.2005.

In terms of provisions contained in Para 626 (1) of India Railway Medical Manual (IRMM) -2000, it is necessary to produce medical identity Card for availing of medical facilities in Railway Hospitals. It has been brought to the notice of Board that serving Railway employees/their eligible dependent family members find difficult to avail of medical facilities when one of the family member move out of station carrying Medical Identity Card provision for RELHS beneficiaries though exist vide letter under reference but no such facility existed for serving Railway Employees. The issue has, therefore, been examined and it has been decided to extend the facility of split Medical Card to serving Railway employees covered by RMA rules. Original Medical Identity Card may be deposited with the issuing authority who may issue split Medical Identity Card to the beneficiaries as requested by them. Issuing authority of Split Medical Card will be the office of controlling authority where the employee is working and the registering authority of Split card will be authorised Medical officer (AMO) of nearest Health Unit/Hospitals where the dependants are staying.

Railway Board