RBE NO. 99/2018


No. E(NG)I-2017/TR/19                                                         New Delhi, dated 06.07.2018

The General Managers (P),
All Zonal Railways & Production Units.
(As per standard list).

Sub: Mutual Transfer of staff in Level-1 (G.P. Rs 1800/-) belonging to two different Cadres/Departments.

Instructions contained in Para 310 of IREM Vol.l (Revised Edition-2009), provide that a non-gazetted railway employee is allowed to go on transfer from one cadre of a Division/Office/Railway on mutual exchange basis with another non-gazetted employee belonging to the corresponding cadre of another Division/Office/Railway. Further vide Board’s letter No. E(NG)I-2015ffR/15 dated 02.03.2016, General Managers of Zonal Railways were advised under Para 124 of IREC Vol.l to decide whether the cadres of the two employees seeking mutual transfer are corresponding to each other.

2. Both the Federations, AIR and NFIR have requested for permitting all employees in Level 1 (Rs 1800/- G.P.) to go on mutual transfer without insisting on “corresponding cadre.” The matter has been reviewed. tt has been decided that in relaxation of the above provisions, an erstwhile Group “D” employee working in Level-1 (G.P. Rs 1800/-) belonging to any Department/Cadre of a Division/Office/Railway/PU/Unit may be allowed to go on mutual exchange basis transfer with another employee working in Level-1 (G.P. Rs 1800/-) and belonging to any Department/Cadre of another Division/Office/Railway/PU/Unit without applicability of the term “corresponding cadre”. This dispensation is, however, subject to the fulfilment of the prescribed Medical Standard. The staff so transferred should invariably be imparted requisite training in the new Unit wherever considered essential before putting him/her on a working post. This training period will be counted as duty. These instructions are intended only for effecting transfer on mutual exchange basis in Level-1 posts and not for any other kind of transfer.

3. The existing provisions in respect of all other non-gazetted railway employees working in Level-2 and above shall remain unaltered.

4. Accordingly, the Indian Railway Establishment Manual, Vol.l, (Revised Edition-2009) is amended as per ACS No. 250 enclosed.

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(Deputy Director Estt (N)
Railway Board