Celebration of international Youth Day

International youth day is celebrated by NRMU/AIRF on 12.08.2013 and at this occasion, three days Trade Union Education Workshop was conducted in T.N.Bajpai memorial hall, Delhi on 12.08.2013 to 14.08.2013.the aim of workshop was to ensure more active participation in trade Union activities. Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra ji General Secretary was present there to boost confidence of young comrades. He said in his address that role of youth is need of time and as well as future of youth is also not safe and they have to know how to fight with all these problems, and Trade Union gives you platform to discuss/understand and to fight for all these problems. Com. S. K Tyagi AGS/NRMU explained Needs of Union in presentment scenario, structure of organisation. Ghanshyam Pandey ADS/LKO Div. NRMU took his lecture in IInd half of the day and he make them able to understand Qualities of good leadership and how to motivate your peer group. Day 2 was started with lecture of Anand Swaroop ji Anand Educator-HMS, he explained skills of communication.he also explained role of effective communication in trade Union.IInd session of the day was taken by Com. Jaya Agarwal Convener/AIRF Women’s Wing, she explained Networking, Publication and its Importance and uses of social sites to strengthen your capacity and strength. She also explained how to raise and spread your voice. She also enlightens Golden history and sacrifices of AIRF. Post lunch an activity given to the participant to know the issues of youth in their view. A practical session of public speaking was also given to the participants, in this session all the participant were invited to speak (about themselves, about union, about problem faced by them ect.) in front of group for 3 to 4 minute. All the participant spoke their issues with great enthusiasm. The workshop was formally closed with sense of responsibility and   commitment of participation in the Trade Union Activities. At the end of session Com. Ghanshyam Pandey ADS/LKO Div. NRMU, he placed Vote of thanks, for everyone for their contributions.