Government of lndia
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

No. 2018/TG-V/I/5                                                 New Delhi dated:- 12.12.2018
The General Managers
All Zonal Railways.

Commercial Circular No:- 72of 2018

Sub: Deployment of ECRC staff in Ticket checking activities.

It has been observed that due to vacancies in ticket checking cadre, zonal Railways are facing problems in ensuring manning of reserved coaches, leaving a scope for leakage of revenue of Indian Railway and also causing inconvenience to the passengers.

1.1 Further, it has been observed that more than 65% of reserved tickets are now being booked through internet which has resulted in reduction in requirement of ECRC staff.

2. In order to optimize the human resource available in the Commercial Department, Board (CRB,FC,MS and MT) have decided that, as a temporary measure, wherever possible the ECRC staff may be engaged in stationary ticket checking activities and the stationary ticket checking staff may be entn1sted with on board ticket checking activities. Necessary training must be imparted to the ECRC staff before being utilized for ticket checking duties.

(Shelly Srivastava)
Director Passenger Marketing
Railway Board