PC-VII/ 143
RBE No. 133/2019


No.E(P&A)II/2017/RS-06 New Delhi, dated 16.08.2019

The General Manager,
AU Indian Railways &
Production Units.
Sub : Anomaly in fixation of pay of Chief Loco Inspectors appointed prior to 01.01.2016 with reference to their juniors appointed after 01.01.2016 and drawing more pay than the seniors.


It has come to the notice of the Board that staff appointed prior to 1.1 .2016 as Chief Loco Inspectors in the pre-revised pay structure, whose pay has been fixed in the 7th CPC pay structure for Chief Loco Inspectors under the RS(RP) Rules, 2016, are drawing less pay than their juniors appointed to the Supervisory post after 1.1.2016. The anomaly has arisen due to the fact that the benefit of pay element granted at the time of promotion of running staff to a stationary post has been granted to the junior in the revised pay structure, whereas, the same benefit granted to the senior is of lesser value as the same has been calculated on pre-revised pay structure.

2. Rule 7(10) of RS(RP) Rules: 2016 contains the provisions for stepping up of pay in case of anomaly in pay fixation between senior and junior employees, subject to certain conditions. The anomaly in the case of Chief Loco Inspectors has arisen due the benefit of pay element reckoned for fixation of pay on promotion of running staff to a stationary post being granted in pre-revised pay structure or revised pay structure.
3. Therefore, in accordance with Rule 7(10) ofRS(RP) Rules, 2016, it has been decided that the anomaly be resolved by granting stepping up of pay to the seniors at par with the juniors subject to the following conditions:-
(a) Both the junior and the senior Railway servants should belong to the same cadre from which they have been promoted to the higher post and the posts in which they have been promoted should be identical in the same cadre;
(b) The existing pay structure and the revised pay structure of the lower and higher posts in which they are entitled to draw are identical;
(c) The senior Railway servants at the time of promotion are drawing equal or more pay than the junior;
(d) The stepping up of pay will be allowed to running staff appointed as Chief Loco Inspectors only in whose cases extant quantum of pay element (at present 30%) is reckoned for pay fixation. The stepping up of pay will not be admissible to the non-running staff appointed as Loco Running Supervisors as in their cases thequestion of pay element in the running allowance does not arise;
(e) If even in the lower post, revised or pre-revised, the junior was drawing more pay than the senior by virtue of advance increments granted to him or otherwise, stepping up will not be permissible;
(f) In cases where the conditions are not met, stepping up of pay would not be admissible. For instance a Chief Loco Inspector promoted from Loco Pilot (Goods) prior to 1.1.2016 and the junior promoted to Chief Loco Inspector from Loco Pilot (Passenger) or from Loco Pilot (Mail/Express) [i.e. from a different
post/cadre] after 1.1 .2016 are not identical and such would not come under the purview of instructions relating to stepping up of pay.
(g) In this connection, it is stated that LP (Goods), LP (Passenger) and LP (M/E) form three different and distinct seniority units and would, therefore, constitute different cadres/posts in the context of clause (a) above as clearly brought out in (f) above.
(h) Stepping up will be allowed only once, the pay so fixed after stepping up will remain unchanged;
(i) The senior shall be entitled to the next increment on completion of his required qualifying service with effect from the date of refixation of pay.
4. This has the approval of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

Joint Director/E(P&A)
Railway Board
New Delhi, dated 16.08.2019

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