RBE No. 52/2020


E(NG)Jl/2007/RC-4/CORE/l(Pt.)                        RBE No. 52/2020
The General Manager (P),
All Zonal Railways/Production Units,
(As per standard mailing list).

Sub: Review of policy regarding re-engagement of Group ‘C’ staff.
With a view to reduce cost and improve savings in Establishment related
expenditure, it has been decided by Full Board that General Managers’ may review and personally decide the quantum of re-engaged Group ‘C’ staff to continue only where it is absolutely necessary for safety reasons.
2. Railways may, therefore, review services of all re-engaged employees except services of those engaged in healthcare related services including para-medical staff.
After review, General Managers’ may permit Railways to continue services of staff where it is absolutely necessary for safety reasons. As regards other re-engaged retired employees, whose services are not found to be absolutely necessary for safety reasons, their services may be considered for termination.

Director Estt.(N)
Railway Board