Government may get rid of Railway Board – News Paper Report

The government is planning major restructuring of the Indian Railways, with proposals planning to do away with the apex decision-making Railway Board, merging the Rail Budget into the country’s main Budget and throwing doors open to Indian Administrative Services officers.

The proposals are under consideration by the Rail Restructuring Committee that was set up recently after minister Sadananda Gowda said the public transporter will go in for a major overhaul – the key of which has been touted to be increased corporate participation – during his Rail Budget speech this year.

The department will also be looking at ways to eventually do away with passenger fare subsidies in what could significantly push up ticket prices in the future.

“The Railways’ administrative/ institutional structure and functioning seems archaic and un- scientific in the present context and needs overhaul. These tasks are huge and difficult and will need to be attempted progressively”, chairman of the Rail Restructuring Committee, Bibek Debroy told HT.

Source : Hindustan Times

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