RBE NO. 93/2018


N o.E(MPP)/20 18/3/5                               New Delhi, Dated: 19.06.2018
The General Managers,
All Indian Railways/PUs,

Sub: Committee for selection of Instructors/Trainers in training institutions

In the Principal Chief Personnel Officers’ conference held on 03.02.2018, it was recommended to decentralize selection of Instructors/Trainers of Training Institute to Divisions.
The recommendation has been accepted by the Board.

Accordingly, in partial modification of Board’s letter No. E(MPP)/2001 / 19/3-Recomm.37 dated 29.06.2001 (RBE No.127/200l ), following changes are hereby made : –

i) For Zonal Training Institutes – Selection committee of 3 JAG officers will be constituted with the approval of PCPO concerned. Head of the Training Centre will also be co-opted as fourth member.

ii) For Divisional Training Institutes level – Selection Committee of 3 Sr Scale Officers will be constituted with the approval of DRM/ ADRM concerned. Head of the Training Centre will also be co-opted as fourth member.
Accordingly, Ministry of Railways has decided to modify the “Manual of Management on Training” (Edition ‘1998) as per the Correction Slip No. 01 /2018.
Kindly acknowledge receipt of thisLJetter.

(Mahendra KumJ.Ir Gupta),
Director (MPP)
Railway Board

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