No. 2023/E(LR)I/NM 1-4 New Delhi, dated: 18.10.2023

The General Secretary,
State Entry Road,
New Delhi -110055.
Dear Sir,

Sub: Record Note of discussions held by AM(PU) in his Chamber with representatives of AI~F on 21.09.2023 on PNM/ AIRF Items
pertaining to PU Dte.
The undersigned is directed to forward Record Note of Discussions held on 21.09.2023 on the above mentioned subject for your information and record.
DA: As above (02 pages).
Copy to:- AM(PU) for information and necessary action.

Yours faithfully,

Dy. Director Estt.(LR)-I
Railway Board

No. 2023/E(LR)I/NM 1-Record Note of discussions held by AM(PU) in his Chamber with representatives of AIRF on 21.09.2023 on PNM/ AIRF Items pertaining to PU Dte.
The following Officers and representatives of AIRF attended the meeting: Official Side AIRF

  1. Shri R. K. Mangla, AM(PU) 1. Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary
  2. Shri A.K. Chandra, PED/(W & 2. Shri S.K. Tyagi, Assistant General Secretary
    Dev.) 3. Shri L.N. Pathak, Zonal Secretary
  3. Shri Gaurav Kumar, Dir.ME(P)-I 4. Shri Rajinder Singh, Zonal Secretary
  4. Shri Naveen Kumar, DDE(LR)-I 5. Shri Mohan Das, Zonal Secretary
  5. Shri H. Karthik
    12/2009: Grant of PCO Allowance/ Incentive Bonus to technical staff supporting shops/ Sections (including CMT/C&M Lab.), Drawing/ Design, I.T. Power Supply and Stores etc.) – in Railway Workshops and Production Units
  • Treating them as part of Inspection, Planning & Progress wings of PCO. Federation suggested that Drawing/ Design, IT and the entire CMT Staff working in the Production Units and Workshop working on shop floor be given PCO Allowance or
    Incentive Bonus/ Allowance as the case may be.
    Official side stated that the matter will be examined in consultation with Finance Directorate.
    54/2012: Modification of RITES Incentive Scheme – Approval of the Railway Board. Official side stated that reply from South Central Railway has been received. The matter will be examined and put up to Board for approval.
    24/ 2014: Indiscriminate outsourcing in Production Units.
    Federation stated that by outsourcing, number of complaints have increased. It was brought to the notice that out of 10,028 customer complaints from ICF manufactured coaches from· April, 2022 to March, 2023 from Zonal Railways, 8,717 complaints were from outsourced items.
    Official side agreed that only selective outsourcing where urgent should be utilized in Production Units and Workshops after fully utilizing the available manpower, machines and other facilities. This will be reiterated to the Production Units and
    Workshops. However, specific cases may be brought up to the notice for taking further action.

    30/2014: Payment of Incentive to Rail Wheel Factory Staff. Order issued for payment of incentive to CMT staff working on shop floor vide Board’s letter No. 2004/M(W)/814/41 dated 21.05.2008 shall be reiterated for implementation.
    So far as restoration of the rates of Incentive Bonus for eligible staff of RWF/YNK is concerned, revision has already been done and implemented. Any increase in· rates of previous period leading to payment of arrears at this stage is not agreed to.