RBE NO. 79/2019


No.E(NG)I/20 17 /PM 1/11 New Delhi, dated May 13 , 2019
The General Managers
All Indian Railways &
Production Units
(as per standard mailing list)
Sub: Filling up the posts of Instructors in recognized Training Institutes – Uniform Guidelines.
The issue regarding laying down a uniform procedure, for filling up the ex cadre posts of Instructors in recognized Training Institutes, has been under consideration of Railway Board.
2. The matter has been examined in consultation with the Zonal Railways and the MPP Directorate of the Board’s office. Following uniform guidelines may be followed for filling up the sanctioned posts of Instructors in recognized training institutes.
(A) Procedure
i) All posts to be filled must be notified.
ii) Conditions given in Paras (B) to (E) below must be mentioned.
(B) Eligibility Condition- .
i) Upper age-limit as on date of notification should be 52 years.
ii) Staff in same/ allied department in identical Grade Pay in 4600, Level-7. If, staff in identical Grade Pay, are not available, then staff in next below GP i.e. 4200, Level-6 may be considered. However, if the post of Instructor is in GP Rs.4200 or below, the staff in identical grade will be eligible
to apply.
(C) Selection Process:-
Written test (75 marks) and Classroom lecture trial (25 marks). Selection committee constitution to be in terms of letter No. E(MPP)/2018/3/5 dated 19.06.2018 (circulated under RBE No.93/2018). Principal/Head of the Training Institute shall be associated in class room trial. Thus, the above selection process will evaluate the knowledge as well as communication skill of the candidates as both are required for the post of Instructors.
ii) Maximum Marks- 100; Qualifying Marks- 60%.
(D) Tenure-
Minimum 3 years and maximum of 8 years in the Training Institute.
(E) Teaching Allowance
12% of Basic Pay. (as per Board’s letter No.E(MPP)2012/3/28
dated 06.10.2017).
This may be implemented for all notifications henceforth. In case, notification has been issued, but selection not finalized yet the selection process as in (C) above should be followed.

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Dy. Director-11/E(N G )I
Railway Board
No.E(NG)I/20 17 /PM 1 I 11 New Delhi, dated May 13, 2019

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